My paintings are reflections of my travels.  My husband’s job took our family to Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil and back to the U.S.  My work is a reflection of travels with my family and travels on my motorcycle.  I have been inspired by the people of South America, the seas of New Zealand and my own backyard gardens all of which I want to share with you.  It took time for me to find my place in art I was drawing as far back as I can remember.  I grew up in the small-farm town of Hartford, Wisconsin and attended classes at the University of Wisconsin.  I continued to study as I raised my children and followed my husband’s career around the world.  In 1992 we moved to Indiana and I started painting in watercolors and pastels.  I took classes at the Indianapolis Art Center and was inspired by Sally Kenley whom I studied with for several years.  Still searching for further enrichment I studied under Anthony J Padgett in acrylics but it was my time spent with John Reynolds, an accomplished oil painter, who changed my pallet to oils.  Padgett taught me to tell stories in my paintings but John taught me to share my love of painting.